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Syllabus Week

First, I’m sorry to all my Instagram and Twitter followers about the mass posts of CSULB/first-day/senior-year pics for the last couple of days. I’m just in heaven right now. It is my last year, I have amazing classmates who are so passionate about what they do (whether it is in English, fashion, law, business, dance, marketing, etc.), and I have the best class schedule I have ever had in my whole college career.

These are my classes this semester:

  • Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • Technical Editing
  • Hip Hop
  • Fashion Industry
  • Technology in the English Classroom
  • Research Methods in Rhetoric & Composition

If you know me, based on my blog, this schedule is gold. I’m using all my English experience to vamp up my writing for RaleighWrites and to build on my writing samples and portfolio. Also, I will finally have some educational background for my Beauty & Fashion categories. I have a class working with technology, my fave. AND I am dancing… life is good.

Now, bringing myself back down to Earth, I want to talk about basic life updates this past week. Last week, I met all the high school students I’m mentoring for the next five months. They are all ambitious and ready to learn and I am doing everything I can to help them score high on the SATs and get into college. I love my job and it has been going well so far. This week, my spring semester officially began on Tuesday. I keep forgetting that other college students already started their quarter/semester two weeks ago… but whatevs, I’m still celebrating. I will go out with a bang for my (queue dramatic music*) very last semester in school. So, I went a bit crazy and took on six classes, two jobs, and a project dealing with social media research. The spring consists of a variety of subjects: writing, technical communication, research, dance, fashion, and technology. IT IS EVERYTHING I LOVE JAM PACKED INTO ONE SCHEDULE. I’m also determined to end my undergrad career with a 4.0 GPA, so let’s do this!


my back-to-school selfie


first time at the CSULB Dance Center


second floor of the dance center


me, in awe of the dance studios

Sin and Syntax Currently Reading

can’t wait to read this book about prose!


found this little greenery spot


the place I accidentally locked myself out of the building…


finally having lunch after five hours of back to back classes


I’m physically tired, but my mind is wide awake and enthusiastic about this semester. I can’t wait to share what I learn and put my skills to use on this blog and in the real world! Have a wonderful rest of the day. I’m going to do some reading and take a nap before my night class.



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