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Obsessed with Tapestries

I have been obsessed with tapestries lately. I have yet to save up enough to add a splash of color to my neutral-colored room. There are many tapestries from Urban Outfitters that strike my fancy, but the color I’m aiming is somewhere between blue and green. I want these colors so I can take the next step and brighten up my bed sheets with a blood orange color. Just thinking of the combination makes me excited.

IMG_3579 IMG_3584

Adventures with my photographer boyfriend.

Gypsy Den - Santa Ana, CA

My favorite book/reading quote: “I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.” -Harold Kushner

Gypsy Den - Santa Ana, CA Gypsy Den - Santa Ana, CA

Gypsy Den - Santa Ana, CA

Photos by Hannah Bulosan.
Location: Gypsy Den (Santa Ana, CA)

Here are a few tapestries I added to my wishlist:


// Urban Outfitters – Magical Thinking Paisley Medallion


// Urban Outfitters – 4040 Locust Ocean


// Urban Outfitters – Magical Thinking Turquoise Elephant Medallion


// Urban Outfitters – Magical Thinking Floral Elephant


// Urban Outfitters – Magical Thinking Paisley Medallion


// Urban Outfitters – Iveta Abolina For DENY Feathered Arrows Tapestry

I cannot wait to have one in my room. It is a quick decor fix when college students cannot paint their walls or nail up frames. It’s funny how long tapestries have been around. Back in the day noblemen and noblewomen transported tapestries from one place to another to keep the feel of royalty around. Churches used them on special occasions and castles had numerous amounts of tapestries during the winter for insulation. I love things that have multiple uses of function and decor. It’s like cute, but comfy clothes (another thing I love). I am mostly intrigued with tapestries because of the cultural-feeling it evokes. I associate tapestries with traveling. So, what better way to cure my constant wanderlust than to make my bedroom feel like I’m already on vacation in some European country? I’m interested in how many people hang up tapestries in their bedrooms and their homes now. Do you have one?


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