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Valentine’s Quality Time

A formal Happy Valentine’s Day is in order ♡ So, happy valentine’s day to you all, whether you are single-and-ready-to-mingle, free-range dating, or in a committed relationship. While today is a day of love (hate it or not), I want to remind you that it is just a day. Valentine’s Day should not be the only time you show the people you love that you love them. The quote above supports my claim that spending money on a person for this one day a year is nothing compared to making the effort to spend quality time throughout the year. My boyfriend Mark and I are busy bees. We juggle college, work, internships, studying, friends, family, gym time, and many other things while doing our best to make time for each other. In the end, it is about finding a way and making time for each other. I encourage you to spend quality time with your boyfriend/girlfriend/hubby/wifey today and find a way to spend more time with each other throughout the year. I also encourage my single ladies and gents to find a way to spend time with other people you love: friends, your mom, your dad, siblings, your dog, your cat, etc.

What are some of my plans for today? I am babysitting right now until my parents get back from their couple’s massage. Then, when they come home and lounge for the rest of the day, Mark and I will drive down to San Diego for a day trip. This year I’m doing the date planning and he is doing the waiting-to-see-what-happens-today-ing. I’ll post a photo reel of our adventures tomorrow. Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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