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Sore Muscles & Unsalted Pretzels

Fun Facts: (1) I love pajamas. (2) My tumblr name is Pajama Chronicles.

Story behind this photo: I did a full body strength training exercise yesterday and I woke up completely sore. I also did 5×5 squats to warm up… so it sort of made yesterday leg day too. Anyway, while I was taking this photo, my whole body tensed up and I could not put my leg back down for a bit. I waited and slowly put my leg back down to avoid a muscle cramp. I hope you appreciate how hard I worked to take this February #photochallenge picture for ya’ll on Instagram.

(Lunch & Dinner: Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Kabobs with tofu and veggies)

WHAT I ATE: (23 FEB 2015)
BREAKFAST Half a turkey sandwich
SNACK Hummus and 6-Grain Crackers
LUNCH Grilled Chicken Kabob, Tofu, Asparagus, and Kale
SNACK Plain Pretzel (from Tom N’ Toms)
DINNER Grilled Chicken Kabob, Tofu, Asparagus, Kale, and boiled egg
WATER 32 oz (about 4 cups of water)

Today I ate enough smaller portions to last throughout the day. The hummus was delicious on my way to work in Los Angeles. Then, when I met up with Mark and Yen at the cafe we always study at, I broke my healthy streak and got a plain pretzel. (AT LEAST IT DID NOT HAVE SALT!) I’m joking though, I’m not that crazy about my diet. As long as I choose “the healthier option” (i.e. unsalted pretzels over salted pretzels; water over sodas and coffee; edamame over hot cheetos) I am content with my decision. I am tired now, goodnight!


Rachel Bulosan

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