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My Grandma has a Black Belt

I was looking at some old yoga photos and progress pictures and it is crazy to see how much my body has changed over the years. There were times when I lost motivation and there were other times I was in competition mode (for pageants) and be on top of workouts and eating habits. I’ve tried juice cleanses, I’ve done all-cardio regiments, and I’ve done weight lifting focused programs. After trial-and-error and lots of experiences with finding ways to integrate health and fitness into my everyday lifestyle, I finally feel at peace with the idea that I will have ups and downs. At this point, I know I should expect lazy days to come and embrace them by turning them into “rest days” and making it a point to get back on it as soon as possible. I feel like I’ve ridden the whole spectrum of health and fitness both mentally and physically and because of it, I accept that I am a work in progress and I love me for me. I do not go to the gym or maintain healthy eating habits to be skinny, or to bulk, or gain muscle, or look good. I do it to be strong and to know I am doing my best with what I have. I have this perspective ideal future of 70-year-old me being active and strong and still able to lift weights, do cardio, and dance like there’s not tomorrow.

My grandma just turned 74-years-old this year and she is still super strong and healthy. Some people view her as controlling, but I see her as a leader. She knows what she wants and she will do everything she can to get it. I am so amazed by her life story and how she went to college as a business/fashion student. She supported her family as the oldest sister of thirteen siblings. Then, when she and my grandpa made the big move from the homeland to the United States, they built a small business that took care of their family and is still up and running as we speak. My grandma was bored and also decided one day that she wanted to be a ballroom dancer (so she did it). Then, she wanted to protect herself in dangerous parts of Downtown Honolulu and enrolled herself in martial arts classes. In a few years, she became a black belt and continued her training in street fighting and other martial arts. WOW… She is amazing, right?

I guess what I am trying to get at  with this whole post is — regardless of the time that will pass and the challenges, mistakes, failures, and obstacles that would come inevitably, I just want to be happy, love myself, love the people around me, and live a healthful life.

I won’t pester you all with my food journal lists in every blog post, but I’ll post them when I have the time. All I’m doing right now is taking a break from studying. This is what I ate:

WHAT I ATE: (25 FEB 2015)
BREAKFAST Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal and Coffee
SNACK Hummus and 6-Grain Crackers
LUNCH Grilled Salmon and Tofu
SNACK Plain Pretzel (from Tom N’ Toms)
DINNER Chicken and Asparagus
WATER Half a gallon (about 8 cups of water)

Story behind this photo: Everyone looked at me awkwardly when I took this picture of my shoe. I mainly took this picture for the February DAY25 #photochallenge, then I decided Hey! I should write a health and fitness blog right now.  Somehow it became a tribute to my wonderful grandmother and then a check-in of my food intake from today, then here to this photo. Yeah, I’m random and I’m sure we established that many times in my blog, but for new readers just visiting today. Welcome to RaleighWrites: my mind, my world, my rules, my life. Happy Hump Day!


Rachel Bulosan

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