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Stickers & Sōmen 素麺

I was on babysitting duty today with Jenelle and we played let’s-mess-up-Aunty-Rachel’s-makeup-drawers-and-cabinets, made a YouTube video together, and had a fun Disney princess sticker session. I love when Jenelle uses the clothes I buy her. She looks like a mini-me in that blue Nautica dress with gold accents. After our fun time, we had a Japanese family dinner and ate sōmen. Sōmen consists of cold noodles made of wheat flour and added toppings. We like to add seaweed, fishcake, egg, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and tempura. Of course, on the side, we had edamame. I will post the YouTube video by this weekend after the craziness of work and finishing a group project. How was your day?

IMG_2409 IMG_2408

NOTE: I like to blog about my food intake so I can look back at my little accomplishments of eating healthier. This is what I ate today:

WHAT I ATE: (26 FEB 2015)
BREAKFAST Plain Oatmeal
SNACK Hummus and 6-Grain Crackers
LUNCH Chicken and Asparagus
DINNER Plain Pretzel (from Tom N’ Toms)
WATER 4 Water Bottles (16 fl. oz. each bottle)

Rachel Bulosan

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