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Sympathy for Jar Jar Binks

I went to the dentist yesterday and the left side of my gums were numbed for a procedure. The dentist was surprised at how fast the anesthesia worked because I told him my face felt like a really fluffy marshmallow. I haven’t had to numb my gums since my cuspid retrieval surgery seven years ago — ooh the years I had braces. So, I forgot how big my face feels and how it lasts for hours. I’m glad I went to the dentist early in the morning because I finally had feeling in my face and mouth after about four hours. Why am I talking about the dentist?

While I had numb-face, when I talked, I felt like my tongue was uncontrollable and all over the place. You would think at this point that I would drool without noticing, but that was the only think I had under control. I thought I spoke Gungan when I listened to myself… Anyway, I have a lot of sympathy for Jar Jar Binks now (not because of the way he speaks), but because of how he cannot control what he eats and just ends up getting tongue-slapped for it. He must be numb 24/7. I feel for you Jar Jar.

PHOTO SOURCE: LucasFilm via Google.

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