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Inhale the Future

Motivation Monday #14 | Inhale the future, exhale the past. I chose today’s quote because a rolling-basis of obstacles, problems, and issues have been coming up since I flew in from Seattle. When I flew back home, I had a project/presentation to worry about for my fashion industry class and a very important paper for my writing class. Both of these assignments carry a heavy weight in determining my grade, which (as a result) also determines my graduation status. Unfortunately because of all the ruckus, I spent my first Easter away from my family while they were in Arizona. Mark did well in making me feel better about it by taking me out to eat and forcing me to take a break from studying and writing. Enough complaining though, I just wanted to share this quote with you all because I know how important it is to just inhale and exhale. The past is done. It will not change, so there’s no point in getting worked up about it. Remind yourself to take a deep breath and tackle one problem at a time and just work hard and have faith in the future. Yes, inhale that future! I hope you all have a stupendous, beautiful, wonderful week! You can find me at all the Southern California universities for the next couple of days #collegetour #work #marketing. YAAAAAY! Also this is totally random, but if you live in Orange County, San Diego County, or Los Angeles County, the nonprofit organization I work for is currently hiring undergraduate college students for the summer session. It is five weeks long. As a mentors, you would work in the classroom providing direct support to our high school students. You would guide small groups of three to five high school students through the SAT exam and the college admissions process (don’t worry there is training for this!). I strongly believe in the cause and the change it truly makes in the students and the mentors lives. So, sign up today AND let them know you heard it from Rachel Bulosan ;) love and light.


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