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Giver of Good Vibes

Motivation Monday #15 | I aspire to be a giver; a giver of love, a giver of good vibes, and a giver of strength. Every where I go, I do my best to leave a little more light behind. There are so many reasons to be angry with the world for being unfair, but because of it we have to work harder to think positive and be optimistic. Yesterday I was in line at Starbucks while a group of girls in front of me were gossiping about a girl who “is not pretty enough to be with Kyle” and “should dress better and wear more makeup to deserve him”.

First, how can you say that about anyone? Second, you girls should be building each other up not breaking each other down. The negative vibes they gave off while I was in line started to affect me. I don’t even know these girls and I am getting angry for the person they are gossiping about, but I had to stop myself and think… don’t steep to that level. If they want to gossip they can. All I can do is hope that the girl they are gossiping about is strong enough to ignore them and loves herself enough to know she is beautiful inside and out. With this little rant, I want to remind you all to be a giver of love, good vibes, and strength to people you know and people you don’t know. We are all living on the same planet… so, let’s make it a better place to live by being positive (even when it is easier to be negative or have negative thoughts). Happy Motivation Monday!


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