1000 Reasons to be Grateful for Life

First, sorry if you are expecting a list of 1000 Reasons to be Grateful for Life. It’s not that kind of post. This post is for the people who have been reading my stuff since 2006 when my blog wasn’t called “RaleighWrites”. This post is for everyone who supported me and hopped on this joy ride since 2006. This post is also for the people who may have just discovered my blog yesterday or today. Regardless of when you started reading my blog, you are all family and I am grateful for you. YOU reading this post right now and all 1000+ RaleighWrites blog followers are my thousand reasons to be grateful for my life.

Counting followers may be cheesy to some already-famous bloggers out there, but I have to write a quick post about reaching ONE-THOUSAND blog followers right now because (1) I love celebrating milestones and (2) celebrating milestones is the perfect time to reflect on how far I’ve come since my pre-teenage years when I wrote in my little journal and posted silly lip sync videos on YouTube for fun. I still blog and make YouTube videos for fun, but because of my YouTube subscribers, blog followers, twitter followers, etc… this “hobby” has reached another level of O-M-G. This blog has provided me with so many opportunities. I don’t think I will ever get over my fangirl feelings at events when I meet well-known online personalities.

I chose the picture above to represent this milestone because I took it this past weekend at my first VIP event. The event is called LOOKBOOK Live and it is produced by Simon Malls in collaboration with Glamour and GQ Magazines. I had the honor of interviewing the Glamour Magazine representative before she hosted the runway show. She was super sweet and very intelligent. The event had many little stations including one of my favorites: the makeup station represented by Sephora. After walking around, networking, and perusing through the style closets, I enjoyed the hourly style challenges where two people competed and put an outfit together for a $150 gift card. I was excited to meet local fashion bloggers too. I fangirled a little bit when I came across Sabir Peele, a Philadelphia-based blogger and GQ’s 2013 Fall Best Dressed. I mostly fangirled because I’ve read several of his blogs for men’s fashion on Men’s Style Pro. Anyway, LOOKBOOK Live was already fun, then I had an appearance with the Miss Garden Grove court at a Rotary Club event! I’m happy I had the chance to see the girls again.

While I do complain about how stressful life is and how hard it is to get through my last month before graduation, I have to remember how blessed I am too. Oh man… one-freaking-thousand of you care to read about what I have to say and show and share and feel and think and… you get the picture. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ♡ Thank you for making the life I live possible.

Now with a thousand and (hopefully) more to come… I hope to up my stakes and bring more to the RaleighWrites table. I don’t know what to do at the moment, but I do know I love you all and thank you for being the family that listens to me when I need to vent or fangirl about anything. I’ll stop now because this blog became more than a tidbit.

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