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One Proud Senpai

I really don’t do well with “goodbyes” so instead I like to say “see you later.” This week was my last week with my students at three different high schools. I’m so honored to have met such ambitious people in both my students and in my fellow mentors. I wrote so many thank you notes… if I have carpal tunnel… you’ll know why. I’m glad I wrote every single note though. People need to know how much they’ve positively affected me and how much amazingness I see in them. My students took their first official SAT exam yesterday and I can’t wait to hear feedback of how they did. I’m anxious with them, but I’m not nervous because we’ve worked so hard to get them to where they are. I’m going to miss everyone: the students, fellow mentors, and my supporting instructors. We all have the same mission and purpose: to make potential possible. And to see this many people get together for a common purpose like this one makes me feel hopeful and feel more assured for a better future ahead. I am one proud mentor and I hope each and every one of these beautiful human beings keep in touch with me. If they don’t keep in touch, then I’m just glad our paths crossed. Enjoy my photoreel below »

TUESDAY, APRIL 28: Animo Inglewood High School

I’m standing in the midst of a future physical therapist, artist/voice actor, politician, engineer, and pediatrician. I know they’ll all reach their goals and aspirations.

THURSDAY, APRIL 30: Animo Pat Brown High School

Unfortunately, the photo we took with the entire group got deleted and these three scholars were the last to leave class and stick around for a retake. These students improved their scores immensely since the beginning of the program! Can’t wait to see them their college colors exactly a year from now.
Meet my fellow mentors: Yessenia and Cathy!

FRIDAY, MAY 1: Animo South Los Angeles High School

Period 5: I’m going to miss waking ya’ll up for the first period of the day! Congratulations to Michala for improving her score 370 points, Anahi for improving her score 280 points, and to both Anahi and Dario for having one of the Top 20 Highest Scores.
Some last day activities: SAT Jeopardy
Period 6: One of my students from this group called me 先輩 or “senpai” because he learned about my interest in watching anime. “Senpai” means mentor or teacher in Japanese. These three kept me on my toes this entire semester. There was never a dull day.
Presenting the Friday ASLA mentors!
This is Sammy, he’s the security officer on campus. Special shoutout to him for helping out when there was too much rowdiness or when there were wandering students in the hallways who lost their way to our groups.
Period 7: They named themselves “Team Happy” in our first week together. Why? Because this group is nothing but happy and smiling every time I see them. I’m going to miss ending Fridays with this crew.
The full round up of scores! Top 20 Highest Scores and the 100/200/300 Clubs + I am so very proud to see so many of my students names up on this board. I cannot believe it’s all over. I haven’t been fully emotional about it yet because finals is occupying my mind, but I’m sure everything will hit me soon after finals. I encourage you all to do something selfless today. Although working for CollegeSpring will benefit me later, I did not do this program for money or to expand my resume. I did it for the purpose of the program… to help others and to level the playing field for students trying to go to college. I feel I served my purpose this past semester, but being a mentor to someone is a lifetime role. I will be there to guide them as they apply to college, have questions while they are there, and just for the rest of their lives… (if they want me to be there). Always and forever Think Globally, and Act Locally. You never know who’s life you could impact just by being there.

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