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Broken Crayons Still Color

Motivation Monday #18 | Broken crayons still color. The last time I remember coloring with crayons was when I help Nick with his homework… so it wasn’t to long ago. I’ve always loved that about crayons… even when they’re broken, they color. This is the perfect metaphor for people who are “broken” or have been through a lot. They still have the power and chance to be positive and make something beautiful of their lives. If you think about it, everyone is a broken crayon in some way… it is inevitable because life’s hardships are bound to come around. To all my broken crayons, you are beautiful. You can create something beautiful for yourself. Keep sharing your creations with others because you never know who’s world you are coloring just by being in it. Happy Motivation Monday! (P.S. The next few weeks of Motivation Mondays are going to be short and sweet because I’m in finals mode, but if you have any suggestions or want to submit a guest post for Motivation Monday, I would be happy to collaborate with you! Just email +)


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