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Forever Star Wars Fangirl

Gooooooodmorning everyone! I’m currently running off of absolutely no sleep thanks to doing my final papers. Before I head out and go to school, I must grace you with some Star Wars fangirl moment because it is an official Star Wars holiday! You can blame my dad for my fangirling. I remember watching a marathon every summer, analyzing the movies, and reading the books long before it was decided that they will do another anthology of the films. The Star Wars fan community is a strong one… heck, they made today an official holiday.

Here’s a mini photoreel of my personal Star Wars photos. Enjoy! »

Summers with Musubi and Lightsabers

This was the summer when I had a Disneyland pass. I had it before the excruciatingly high year pass prices. That summer, I made lots of spam musubi, hung out with my lightsaber by my side, and did more than three marathons. #NOSHAME I did not have summer school or work that summer, so don’t judge me!

R2D2 phone case

I took this photo in Morro Bay when I went to visit my cousin Hannah. I miss this phone case very much. I remember waiting five weeks for it to come in the mail! It was the longest five weeks ever. I’m not trying to figure out a way to get this design on my Moto X phone case.

Facebook Cover Rachel Bulosan

I do not own the rights to the photo above, but I love it. It captures two of my favorite things: Star Wars AND Harry Potter. This photo was my Facebook profile cover for the longest time.


Someone edited this photo for me years ago when I went on a student government retreat. I climbed on tree trunks and felt adventurous. Because I was all over the place and bundled up in winter wear with that hat with flaps, friends said I looked like an ewok. I’ll take it. So, here you go, meet the ewok family I met in Big Bear :)


I still own this shirt and wear it so much, the silver is fading. My sister bought this for me for my birthday and I will never forget the super awesome STAR WARS PACKAGE of goodies she gave. There was a book of The Star Wars Trilogy, an R2D2 portable speaker, a blanket, and lots of other little trinkets. Thanks baby sis!


Yes, there was a Star Wars costume exhibit when I visited the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington. This is my Can-I-take-this-home-with-me look… the glass is harder than it looks…


Thanks for stopping by this early in the morning! Share your Star Wars posts with me @RachelBulosan on twitter and instagram :O We can fangirl together.


P.S. Who else is in love with the twitter hashtag  having a little storm trooper automatically placed next to it?

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