Unpacking My Thoughts

Everything in my life finally slowed down enough for me to take this breather and write a pillow-talk type of blog. I have not written a blog straight from the horse’s mouth in a while because the last two months of finishing up papers and projects have been crazy. I still have a few things left to finalize and turn in on Monday and Tuesday, but after that I’m a free woman.

So, let’s unpack several life updates. The last thing I remember is Spring Break.  Mark and I spent this year’s spring break in Seattle, Washington.  It was Mark’s first time in Seattle.  We rented a car for the first time. We saw the Fremont Troll, walked through a glass garden, had a date on the needle, and toured University of Washington. Once we came back to LA, we both hit the ground running in terms of school and work and life.

Here are some of the few things I did in April:

  • celebrated Earth Day with ya’ll,
  • met up with people for group projects,
  • went to the LA Mart for a field trip,
  • prepared my students for their official SAT exams (on May 2nd),
  • created lesson plans for work and for classes,
  • went to the gym daily with Josie,
  • did Monday running/workouts with Shannon,
  • organized recruitment and marketing for work,
  • attended LOOKBOOK Live 2015 in Mission Viejo,
  • volunteered at the Rotary Club Fundraiser,
  • sang the national anthem at multiple appearances,
  • and reached a milestone of 1000 blog followers.

Here are some things I did for the first half of May up until today:

  • had my last classes with my students,
  • wrote loads and loads of ‘thank you’ notes,
  • celebrated Star Wars Day,
  • emailed back and forth with people to schedule interviews,
  • finished several assignments and papers,
  • picked up my cap & gown,
  • sent out graduation announcements to my family,
  • met an Estee Lauder representative during Fashion Industry,
  • aced my dance final,
  • and went to Discover UCI with my sister.

I don’t think I formally mentioned on this blog about the great news about my sister! My sister Bridget was accepted into the University of California Irvine!! I am so proud of her accomplishments. She also found out this week that she received scholarships. Below are some silly photos of us perusing through the UCI Bookstore after Discover UCI and the super long campus tour. (Just look at that Rainbow slipper!) After the tour and presentations, we went to eat. You can’t see it, but I’m pretty excited about the “UC IRVINE ENGINEERING” sweater I got for her.



Back to the listy list of things I’ve been up to these past two months, you can now see what I mean by “crazy.” April and May are always my busiest months of the year.  I don’t know why, but it just works out that way. I have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday left until classes and finals are over. I. am. so. tired. but. I. need. to. survive.

On a brighter note, I completed most of what I set out to do. I can’t believe graduation is finally just around the corner. It feels exhilarating and just so good to know I’m almost done. Do you remember the list I made at the beginning of this semester? I made a list of Things To Do Before I Graduate and I thought now would be a great time to reflect and see how much I have left to do in the next eleven days.

Checklist of things to do before I walk at graduation: (updated)

  • Write a letter to my future self ✓
  • Workout for more than just a ‘summer bod’ #EverydayBody ✓
  • Go to the Graduation Information Fair ✓
  • Write thank you notes to my present and past professors and teachers who positively affected me in all my years of education ✓
  • Get a 4.0 GPA
  • Book a flight to somewhere as a present to myself ✓
  • Go through interviews ✓ and find an ‘adult’ job (half way there)
  • Give my family the info & tips they need to navigate traffic on Grad Day ✓
  • Get a ‘thank you’ gift for my parents for helping me get through my college years and giving me the opportunity to get an education

I already know what I’m getting for my parents, I just have to get it now. I have been interviewing, but no job (yet!). Also, I have all A’s in my classes, so I’m going to say I’m 98% sure I earned a 4.0 GPA this semester, but I don’t want to be 100% sure because I feel like it would jinx me in some way. Sue me, I’m superstitious. Thanks you all for always being so encouraging through stressful times like these whether it’s through this blog, on twitter, instagram, youtube, email… anything! You all give me that ounce of strength I need to power through the day without going insane.


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