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Wine, Cheese, & Bean Boozled

My graduation parties get smaller and smaller every year. I don’t mind though because it just goes to show that I’m getting older and the mess after parties are getting smaller. I could hardly call it a party, it was a “fancy get-together”. My mom made the delicious food and appetizer bites for us. Thank you mom! This is the first time I hosted a wine and cheese shindig and I must say, it was pretty successful. Last night, “successful” in my book was people actually coming out because I literally sent out the invite less than 24 hours in advance. Sorry friends! All in all, I had a lot of fun. I had the chance to talk to everyone. It was very intimate. The guys played chess. We drank wine, ate sushi, learned Russian (thanks Kolby), played #BeanBoozled… Bean Boozled was probably the best and worst idea, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Thank you to my parents for always letting me host things at our Bulosan Party House. Thank you to the people who could make it (even those who skipped class and left work early to make it)… gosh, I love you all. Lastly, thank you to my boyfriend #InstagramlessMark for always being supportive of me and for getting better and better and being a good host. You’re going to need this skill when we have a home of our own someday.

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