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What will you do today?

Motivation Monday #21 | What will you do today that will make you proud in one year? This Memorial Day Weekend has been super crazy and filled with events. I can’t wait to write about it after today because everything about it is surreal. I helped serve free cake from the “World’s Largest Strawberry Shortcake,” met many celebrities, sang the national anthem to kick off a 5K run, rode on a float, and so much more. I was able to do all these things because of my title as Miss Princess in the Miss Garden Grove court. This whole weekend has been a non-stop ride of events. When I’m not singing, I am at a booth selling fundraiser tickets. When I’m not at the booth, I am with Miss Garden Grove and the court managing the children and baby contests. Today and this whole weekend of festivities will make me proud in one year. I will be able to look back and think… Wow, I did that. I graduated on a Wednesday and immediately jumped into the festival for the next five days. You don’t have to be intense and volunteer 24/7, but you should do one thing today that will make you proud of yourself in one year.

The little things matter. So, in the spirit of Memorial Day, genuinely thank a veteran for their service. Even better, take the time to talk to a veteran about his or her experience. If you don’t already do so, drink eight glasses of water today. My friend, Selina, told me about this app on the iPhone that helps her keep track of her water intake. Not only is it good for you to drink this much water, it speeds up metabolism, rejuvenates the skin, and has so many other perks. You can also put down your phone for today and spend undivided attention and time with your family. What will you do today that will make you proud in one year? Tweet me your answers at @RachelBulosanHappy Memorial Day and Motivation Monday!


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