It was my freshman year of high school. Christine (one of my closest friends who I consider a sister) and I had an idea to lip sync and dance to “My Humps” by Black Eyed Peas. We dressed in tacky clothing and put on as many props as we could. We had the time of our lives doing that first video and I found out how much I really liked editing the video. I uploaded it to YouTube. Little did I know, that was the beginning of it all. Since then, I have been making videos of covers, ‘how to’s, and other random things. It was also during this time when I discovered blogging. I would write about the places I traveled to, things I would do, things I liked, things I watched, and other thoughts and ideas. As time went by, I realized people actually watched my videos and read what I wrote. And the rest is history…


Jumping from xanga to blogspot to tumblr back to blogger and now to wordpress, “Raleigh Writes” was born the summer of 2013. Many people ask me why I chose the name for my revamped blog… my name is Rachel, so why Raleigh? Well, while there are many people who are so kind and share their love and support, there are also many people who I have been exposed to who will say anything to bring you down. I have ignored the many hateful comments and disrespect since my first YouTube channel. Because of my experiences, I learned to keep my private life separate from my public life. I chose a public author name — or in the entertainment world, a ‘stage name’ — and it is Rachel Annaleigh. And finally, it leads me to Raleigh {pronounced Rye-Lee}, a combination of “Ra” from the beginning of Rachel and “leigh” from the end of Annaleigh.


I have never came across a Raleigh (or Riley) in my life until I watched the show, Baby Daddy.  In the show, Riley Perrin, played by Chelsea Kane, is a law student who is smart, funny, and geeky. When I think of the name, I think of a spunky, nerdy, witty young woman. I have this idea of someone who I look up to and want to be. When I think of Raleigh, I think of someone who lifts other people up when they need it. I think of someone who stays true to herself. I think of someone who is an explorer and a nomad of the world. I also think of someone who has gone through her fair share of mistakes, obstacles, and series of unfortunate events and came out of it as a better person because of what she has been through. There is a “Raleigh” in everyone and I finally found it in myself after I graduated from my first three years of college. I am at this point where I am in love with life and I am so grateful for everything around me. Raleigh Writes was just a project and now it has become a part of me.


I will always be thanking every person who takes the time to read and comment on my posts. It still baffles me how there are other people in the world who are interested in what I have to say. So, thank you thank you thank you. I will continue to write posts and make videos as long as you continue to read my blog and watch my channel. XO, R