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Good Thoughts Shine Out


[ Motivation Monday #24 ] Keeping it super short and sweet today.“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely.” by Roald Dahl. Happy Motivation Monday! ♡

love and light - rachel bulosan

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Rhetoric in Media

Rachel Bulosan on RaleighWrites

Today I did a presentation on Rhetoric in Media and in doing so I realized that I am getting closer and closer to my aspirations in life. How amazing is it that I had the opportunity to share with others two very important things that I’m passionate about: rhetoric and media. In doing so, I was also able to debunk misconceptions about the meaning of “rhetoric” and share with others how to use rhetoric to their advantage to be global, critically-analyzing citizens. Here’s a glimpse of the video I chose to share and dissect with the group:

Prince Ea has always been a great resource for spoken word poetry about global issues. I chose this video specifically because it stresses the importance of staying connected virtually and physically and knowing when and where to find that balance. I am pretty sure the students thought I was ironic for showing a video about not using technology at a Media and Communications Summit. However, I chose it because (1) it is relevant to their age group and (2) they can question it. I did not show the video with the intentions of having them completely agree with it. I showed them this video so that they can question it and use rhetorical strategies to see how the argument is being persuasive. I asked them: How do you feel? Are there statistics or facts that strengthen his argument? Do you agree/disagree with the speaker?  These questions were meant to show how rhetoric (logos, pathos, and ethos) will always be present in media. Sometimes videos play more on emotions (pathos), billboard ads prove their point with statistics (logos), and newspaper companies establish their credibility merely by being a “well-known” company (ethos). After loads of discussion, we did a scavenger hunt of locations and speakers using logos, pathos, and ethos to present their opinion/agenda/ideas.

I love sharing what I love with others. I love connecting dots and watching people’s figurative lightbulbs turn on when they learn about rhetoric. This presentation and everything else I have done and will do only leads up to my goal of being a successful, happy, fulfilled human being. When people ask me, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I feel so limited and boxed into choosing just one thing. When people ask me that question, I immediately forewarn them that I want to do a lot of things and be a lot of things. I also warn them that it will take some time to let them in on my life’s master plan. Today’s workshop on Rhetoric in Media is the first of many that I plan to have as a future motivational speaker, future high school teacher, future professor of media composition, future guest speaker, future business owner… and future whatever-else-I-plan-to-do.

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The Boyfriend Tag

I think you are all ready to formally YouTube-meet my boyfriend Mark! If you know me through this blog, you (most likely) already know about Mark because I write a lot about our adventures together. If you are just learning about Mark right now, long story short, he is my boyfriend of five and a half years. Yes, we are high school sweet hearts. No, we are not getting married any time soon. Yes, he has a youtube channel. And no, we do not live together. Watch this video to learn more about us as a couple. Mark is usually the one behind the camera because he is my designated photographer and videographer. I have asked him for years to make this tag with me, and the day is finally here ♡

Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it :) Also, here are the questions if you would like to participate in the BOYFRIEND TAG. It’s a fun way to rekindle memories and learn/re-learn things about each other as a couple. #YouTube #BoyfriendTAG

  1. Where did we meet?
  2. What was our first date?
  3. Where was our first kiss and how was it?
  4. Did you know that I was “the one”?
  5. What was your first impression?
  6. When did you meet the family?
  7. Do we have a tradition?
  8. What was our first roadtrip?
  9. Who said “I love you” first and where were we?
  10. What do we argue about the most?
  11. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  12. If I’m sitting in front of the tv, what am I watching?
  13. What dressing do I get on my salad?
  14. What’s the one food don’t like?
  15. We go out to eat, what do I get to drink?
  16. If I was collecting anything, what would it be?
  17. What is my favorite type of sandwich?
  18. What is my favorite music?
  19. What is my favorite sports team?