Suggestion Box

I take your suggestions, requests, reviews, and comments seriously and respect the time you have taken to share your thoughts. My goal is to make your use of as helpful, pleasant, entertaining, and thought-provoking as humanly possible. Of course, I have financial limitations when it comes to shopping hauls and driving around and reviewing restaurants and other locations, but I will always do my best for my supporters.

Please be advised that you can post anonymously and I will be moderating your suggestions for clarity, brevity, and appropriateness. I reserve the right to post as is, decline to post, or edit. I decline to post comments that are off-topic or violate copyright, trademark, or intellectual property rights.




There are many different ways to send requests, comments, and suggestions to my figurative “Suggestion Box”.  Just choose one of the five ways listed below and I will reply back as soon as possible:

  • You can write a direct email to me at;
  • You can comment on my individual blog posts;
  • You can let me know on instagram, twitter, or youtube;
  • You can leave a comment below;
  • Or you can fill out the form below and it will send it directly to me :)



  1. Hi Raleigh, you seem to be a vibrant, good-humored, optimist girl. That’s exactly the kind of person the world needs. I sincerely hope you keep spreading your positive energy for many posts to come.
    Great blog!
    Mr. Violin.


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